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How to Play in this Tournament:

  1. Grab a friend
  2. Sign up (signup at the bottom of this webpage)
  3. Grab a beer
  4. Compete
  5. Win weekly prizes, monthly prizes, and world-wide prestige

House Rules

  • Select first dealer of game by dealing out cards face-up until first black jack turned up; that person is the first dealer.
  • Penalty for reneging (not following suit) is 2 points or a round of drinks – determined by opponent; four points if opponent went alone.
  • Card laid is card played unless it would result in a renege. In this case the card is pulled back but left face-up on the table. Another card is played. The face-up card is played on the next round unless doing so would result in a renege.
  • London Loner: Ordering up your partner always results in going alone.
  • “No face, no ace, no trump” after trump is called results in a redeal unless you are the dealer. No points awarded.
  • Must have natural trump in hand to make trump (left bower is not a natural trump).
  • Stick the dealer; dealer must make trump if no trump declared after second round of declaring.

Order of Play

  • The tournament is Grand Prix style – you keep the same partner throughout.
  • Teams are assigned a number. Maximum number of teams is 20. No entry fee; entry is first come-first served (starting with online signup)
  • Games will not last longer than 25 minutes; each team will play 6 games.
  • To start Team 1 plays Team 2, Team 3 plays Team 4….Team 19 plays Team 20
  • Odd numbered teams stay at same table, even numbered teams move up to next table – Team 1 plays Team 20, Team 3 plays Team 2….Team 19 plays Team 18
  • In the event that there is an odd number of teams, the highest number team will sit out the first round. In the second round the even numbered teams stay at the same table and the odd teams move up to the next table. The next-highest odd numbered team will sit out the second round.
  • In a tournament with an odd number of teams a seventh round of games will be played with those teams that have only played 5 games.


  • Each team will receive a scorecard to track their WINS, their POINTS, and their OPPONENTS’ points. Scores from each game are initialed by a player from each team
  • Once a team wins 10 or more points the game is over
  • Games will not last longer than 25 minutes. If a game is not complete at the 25 minute mark the team with the most points is declared the winner. If teams are tied the win is awarded to the team that reached the tying point first.
  • Team with the most WINS is the weekly winner
  • TIE BREAKER 1 team who had the greatest point differential (points minus opponents’ points)
  • TIE BREAKER 2 team with the most points
  • HINT: Maximum points in a game is 13 (e.g. going alone with 9 points)


  • Weekly winners will be awarded to a team
  • Monthly leaderboard tracks week-to-week points; monthly prizes are awarded to individuals (to allow for week-to-week partner swaps) and are based on total wins in the month

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