London Brewery Planning a Day of Great Beer with a Focus on Local

London, ON – 11 October 2018

LONDON, ON – Is a locally crafted beer truly local if the ingredients are grown in another country? On October 20th from 11am – 10pm London Brewing is hosting a festival that celebrates all things local at their brewery at 521 Burbrook Place. A whole day festival that will span the interior taproom, patio, and parking lot of London Brewing who will be joined by other brewers and distillers using local ingredients in their craft.

The importance of using local ingredients cannot be understated, especially in a city like London that is surrounded by such rich farmland. David Thuss, one of the founding worker-owners of the co-operative, relates it to the premise of Wendell Barry that “eating is an agricultural act.”

“What does it mean to consider enjoying beer as an agricultural product, as an agricultural act? How do we relate to the growers, the maltsters, the brewers, and to each other when we grab our favourite beverage? This festival is about great tasting drink and great tasting food but seeks to dig deeper.”

The festival is part of a larger weekend-long Regenerate Heritage Grain that features workshops, “Chef Takeover Dinner” at Growing Chefs, a Farmer’s Market Takeover at Covent Garden Farmer’s Market, and a 2-day long Bread Camp. The push for all of these events is to put the spotlight on the need to regenerate our soil, regenerate our farming systems, and regenerate our smaller rural communities.

Tickets for the festival can be purchased at London Brewing,

From “Plough to Pint,” this presentation will give you insights into how locally grown grains are finding their way into locally crafted beer. Commentary from the maltster and the brew master takes you from the farms, to the critical step in making grains usable for breweries and distilleries, to how the resulting malts are transformed into beer.

This workshop will be followed by a tasting of beers made with local grains and conversations with a maltster and a brewer.

Join the craft us for this one of a kind craft beer festival. London Brewing will be hosting a craft beer festival that focuses on using local ingredients in beers – brews that aren’t just made locally but are also sourced locally. An afternoon session and an evening session will be offered to ticket holders. All beers showcased will have local grains,  hops, and/or fruits in their beers which infuse the tastes and terroir of the region.

Locally made beer should have locally sourced ingredients to make a bigger economic impact in our region. Come taste the difference and learn more about the importance of local ingredients.

VIP tickets will allow beer lovers to go behind the scenes during the event for a unique experience with the team at LBC!


For more information contact David Thuss at 226-667-6363
London Brewing Co-Operative
521 Burbrook Pl., London