Local Matters

Worker-Owned, Locally Grown.

Our brewery is owned by its workers. What does that mean? To start, decisions are made by workers in a democratic fashion. As a co-operative, we are a business that is invested in our community, cares about our neighbours, and is charting a path that is founded in the sustainability of our planet. We’re proud to take the road less travelled: We are the first worker’s co-operative brewery outside of Quebec.

As we grow we will continue the spirit of co-operatives and ensure that all who are employed by the brewery have an equal say in its operation. We are community-based and seek to be responsive to the needs of our community and to contribute to the growth and spirit of London’s Old East Village.

As a worker’s co-operative we are interested in the rights and well-being of all persons employed and involved with our brewery. All employees will enjoy profit-sharing and an equal voice in the direction and day-to-day operations of the brewery.

We seek to change the trend of breweries in Canada of decreasing employment opportunities. We will always employ Londoners and create meaningful employment and meaningful work. Co-operatives are known for balancing people, planets, and profits (see “What is a Co-op?“)

Local Matters


Canadian breweries are expanding but employment is decreasing. We seek to create employment and to give every worker a real stake in the business
Local Matters


Each member employee will have one vote regardless of length of employment and overall investment in the brewery
Local Matters


All surplus is distributed as patronage dividends that reflects the amount of work each employee has contributed
Local Matters


Our primary priorities are to produce great beer and meaningful employment to our employees

Find out more about co-operatives from On Co-op, The Ontario Co-operative Association.

Our mission is to produce high quality beers that meet the ever expanding taste buds of today’s drinker. Our beers will reflect the importance of the community in how ingredients are sourced and in the recipes we develop. We will emphasize the importance of building ties across our industry and related industries within the city and the surrounding communities. We aim to position ourselves as a destination for residents of London and for visitors in experiencing the richness of South Western Ontario and its brewing community.
The London Brewing Team


The friendly folks at On The Move Organics help us connect with local farmers and producers to find interesting and delicious ingredients that can be added into our recipes. You can find out more about this great company here!

The Root Cellar Organic Café proudly serves the beers produced by London Brewing. Find out more here!