Delivery & Curbside FAQ

How often do you deliver and during what hours?

We deliver 3 days per week- every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Orders placed before noon on delivery days will arrive same day!  In general, we deliver between 2-6PM, but sometimes it will vary slightly. We will email on the day of delivery, indicating the delivery window/hours. ** Delivery orders that are placed after 12PM (noon) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays or any time on non- delivery days will be delivered on the next delivery day. For example, an order placed Tuesday at 4 PM would be delivered Thursday.**

How does out of town delivery work?

We deliver outside of London through our partners at On the Move Organics or a third-party courier. Depending on your location, you will receive an email regarding delivery time and your package will be shipped as soon as possible.

What is the minimum order for in-town delivery and what are the handling fees/free shipping amounts?

Delivery orders have a minimum of $30 pre-HST, with a handling charge of $5 on all orders up to $50.  The $5 handling fee is waived for delivery orders of $50 pre-HST and up.

What is the minimum order for out-of-town delivery and what are the handling fees/free shipping amounts?

Out of town (non-London addresses) have an order minimum of $50 pre-HST and a flat rate shipping fee of $15. This fee is waived on orders over $100 pre-HST.

Can I walk-up and get beer, without placing an order online first?

Yes! Please note that debit and credit with tap is preferred, cash is available, and social distancing measures will be in place at all times.

How do I place a curb-side order?

Shop online at Once you proceed to checkout your order, following the subtotal step, there will be a link for shipping options. At that point you can choose home delivery or curb-side pickup. Your Billing Information will be required before the prompt will appear.

When do I pick-up my curb-side order?

You will NOT receive an email when your order is ready for pickup as it will be ready right away. Please just arrive whenever is convenient for you during our regular business hours, give us a call at 226-667-6363, and we will bring your order to you within a few minutes.

What are the curb-side pickup hours?

Curb-side Pickup, Retail and Patio hours: Tuesday 12-9 PM. Wednesday-Thursday 12-9 PM, Friday 12-10 PM, Saturday 11-10 PM, and Sunday 12-6 PM.

When I arrive to pick-up my curbside order, how do I let you know I’m here?

When you arrive, call the main brewery phone number 226-667-6363. We will ask for your order number and then we will bring outside to the table. The phone number is also posted on our exterior door.

What level of social distancing is there when I arrive to get my curb-side order?

It is a contact-less pick-up experience. When we bring-out your order, we will set-it on the provided table, just outside our door. We will verify that it is your order by speaking with you from a distance of 2 metres, or more. We will then go back inside and you can then take the order from the table. ** Please note that we may need to check your photo ID (also done from a distance).