Our Brewery

London Brewing Co-operative


Located in the heart of Old East Village (521 Burbrook Place, London, ON), London Brewing focuses on quality over quantity in an effort to change the conversation surrounding beer. Our brewery is a worker-owned co-operative and, as a co-operative, we are dedicated to our community and our community partners. A visit to our tap room and you’ll see for yourself: these are pints best served over conversation.



We live where we brew. The members of London Brewing are not just brewers. Part of our ownership group also are owners of On The Move Organics and The Root Cellar Café. These two businesses reflect the spirit of London Brewing. Founded on the principles of bringing locally-grown organic produce to market, On The Move Organics and The Root Cellar Café are key actors in promoting local farmers, organic produce, and food democracy. We are interested in building a web of local businesses that work with the community and promote worker-centric organizations.


Supporting local means sustainability. We aim to help catalyze the growth of local industries that support brewing. The fertile soil and growing conditions of Southwestern Ontario are well-suited to robust hop and organic barley growing ventures. We have also created processes that reduce the waste around brewing and will ensure that we are an environmentally conscious brewery. Our brewery has been built with reclaimed materials and helps to demonstrate what can be achieved when innovation underscores decision-making: from building practices and alternative building materials to equitable labour engagement, we’re proud to be a leader in the brewing industry.

Meet Our Brew Team


Aaron Lawrence

Head Brewer, President, Worker-Owner

Jeff Pastorius

Manager External Sales, Treasurer, Worker-Owner

Marcus Rosen

Resident Engineer, Assistant Brewer, Worker-Owner

David Thuss

Retail Store, and Events, Secretary, Facebookin', Worker-Owner

Tim Stewart

Taproom & Events Manager, InstaGrampa, Worker-Owner-On-Track (WOOT!)

Emma Maganja

Taproom, Retail and Events Assistant Manager, Worker-Owner-On-Track (WOOT!)

Jim MacDonald

Music Curator, Worker-Owner-On-Track (WOOT!)

Karly Coon

Retail Rockstar, Worker-Owner-On-Track (WOOT!)

Bernie Lawrence

Packaging Wizard, Cellar Man, Worker-Owner-On-Track (WOOT!)

Caitlyn Lackten

Retail Rockstar, Worker-Owner-On-Track (WOOT!)

Chris Dawdy

Licensee Sales, The Muscle, Worker-Owner-On-Track (WOOT!)

Steve Malott

Websites + Graphics, Worker-Owner-On-Track (WOOT)