Our mission is to produce high quality beers that meet the diverse needs of today’s drinker. Our beers will reflect the importance of the community in how ingredients are sourced and in the recipes we develop. We will emphasize the importance of building ties across our industry and related industries within the city and the surrounding communities. We aim to position ourselves as a destination for residents of London and for visitors in experiencing the richness of South Western Ontario and its brewing community. A visit to our tasting room, retail shop, and brew house will be an engaging experience where customers can learn about local beer and local ingredients

  • 38% of our malts are local, craft malts.
  • 58% of our hops are Ontario-grown


As one of only 2 certified organic independent craft breweries in Ontario, we take sustainability pretty seriously every day of the year. We make planet-friendly choices, big and small, that result in a truly different, future-focused beer.
  • Our brewing process uses 40% less water than industry average
  •  Even at close to twice the coat of traditional packaging, we prioritize recycled packaging, like all-cardboard shippers and E6PR six-pack rings.


As a worker-owned cooperative, we operate in respect to the triple bottom line: people, planet, and then profit. With humans at the heart of all our business decisions, becoming a Living Wage Employer was an obvious next step for us in our mission to create meaningful and fulfilling work. In short, we believe it’s just the right thing to do!