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Seasonals & Specialties

Seasonals & Specialties

Neighbourhood Tart

First brewed May 2016. ABV 5.3% IBU 15

This is an extremely local, community-supported seasonal release. First brewed in 2015, when a friendly neighbour brought us 40 pounds of rhubarb gathered from Old East Village, this is a slightly tart and entirely refreshing summer wheat ale. Each year has been bigger than the last, and the 2019 neighbourhood crop tipped the scales at 453 lbs! A big thank you to our neighbours and enthusiastic customers - this beer couldn't happen without you!

Heritage Wit

First brewed September 2014. ABV 5% IBU 12

Brewed with unmalted heritage wheat and infused with orange zest, coriander, and chamomile this is a beer that boldy proclaims that summer has arrived. It has hints of banana and cloves owing to the characteristics of the beer yeast used and the decision to leave it unfiltered. This approach is also responsible for the characteristic haze. A refreshing drink on any warm summer day. Available on tap, in bottles, and in growlers!

Barrel Series: Fireworks White Wine Saison

First brewed June 2019. ABV 7.8% IBU 15

Pouring a golden colour, with aroma of oak, citrus, and floral. Slightly sweet with a hint of sour and upfront with the distinct flavour of the Chardonnay grape, drawn from the American Oak barrel. Medium body with a clean finish. Our Celebration Saison, Barrel conditioned for 7 months

Resolution Hibiscus Haskap Sour

First brewed May 2019. ABV 4.2% IBU 11

Beautiful Hibiscus & Haskap, is our latest kettle sour. A vibrant zippy sour ale with lemony floral notes from tart and juicy local haskap berries and hibiscus.

Transmission Ale

First brewed November 2017. ABV 5.5% IBU 45

Broadcasting: In collaboration with Western Radio, Transmission Ale is a mosaic dry hop IPA that is sure to please.

Front Porch Session IPA

First brewed May 2019. ABV 4% IBU 30

This bright, lively, and light sessionable mosaic IPA is perfect for the warm weather with subtle notes of juicy citrus.

Mango Tango IPA

First brewed July 2019. ABV 6% IBU 42

Another one of Aaron's summertime experi-brews! Tap only - no fills unfortunately. Come try it while it lasts!

Resolution Dry Hopped Sour

First brewed June 2019. ABV 4.2% IBU 10

Tap only. No fills unfortunately.

On Tap Map

On Tap Map

You can also find our London Natural Lager in 473 ml cans at all London-area LCBOs as well as both London Natural Lager and Norfolk Red in 473 ml cans at select London Beer Stores (Adelaide, Oxford, Piccadilly, Richmond, Wellington, Wharncliffe, and Wonderland).