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Seasonals & Specialties

Perky Porter

First brewed December 2014. ABV 5.5% IBU 15

This is a fantastic robust dark ale infused with coffee and principles - Principle 6 "Support for Other Cooperatives" and Principle 7, "Concern for Community." The coffee beans in this brew come from the Comite Campesino del Alteplano, a phenomenal cooperative of coffee farmers doing very important work in the highlands of Guatemala. The producers in the CCDA operate their own coffee processing facility to keep more of the value of coffee in their communities, where it’s invested in health, education, and housing. We’re proud to support their activities with this eye-opening brew.

Neighbourhood Tart

First brewed May 2016. ABV 5.6% IBU 14

This is an extremely local, community-supported seasonal release. First brewed in 2015, when a friendly neighbour brought us 40 pounds of rhubarb gathered from Old East Village, this is a slightly tart and entirely refreshing summer wheat ale. Each year has been bigger than the last, and the 2018 neighbourhood crop tipped the scales at 427 lbs! A big thank you to our neighbours and enthusiastic customers - this beer couldn't happen without you!

Resolution Mango Kettle Sour

First brewed August 2018. ABV 3.9% IBU 2

Resolution Mango, our new Kettle Sour with Citra and Cascade hops. Pucker up for the delicious power of sour!

Dark Matter (Currently on Nitro)

First brewed November 2014. ABV 5.5% IBU 27

Ponder the origins of the universe at the bottom of this rich and highly hopped dark ale. Dry-hopped with Galaxy hops during conditioning.