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Seasonals & Specialties

Seasonals & Specialties

Transmission Ale

First brewed November 2017. ABV 5.5% IBU 45

Broadcasting: In collaboration with Western Radio, Transmission Ale is a mosaic dry hop IPA that is sure to please. Available on tap, in bottles, and in growlers.

Ode to the Wick

First brewed January 2015. ABV 5.2% IBU 27

Named for one of favourite London haunts, The Brunswick Hotel was grand in its funk. Between the permanent haze of smoke that hovered just above the heads of patrons, the skunky draft, the urinal ice that fought back, and the ornery bartenders, the ‘Wick was an inviting space for folks from all walks that showcased a wealth of local acts. We miss the ‘Wick.

“Now drink up and get the #$*! out!”

- Woody

This is a historic and special brew, once a first and now a last. It was the first batch of beer brewed with the first batch of locally grown barley malted by Ontario’s first micro-maltster.

Like all first endeavours, not everything went according to plan. The malt caught fire during the drying process, imparting a delicious smoky note to this brown ale. An event nearly impossible to reproduce, this batch marks the end of the supply. Enjoy!

Earl of Adelaide Double IPA

First brewed April 2018. ABV 8.5% IBU 65

A frothy crown sits atop our new Earl of Adelaide, Double IPA. The Earl of Adelaide is a beer that's still refreshing at 8.5%. ABV. The Zeus, Cascade, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra hops provide an eye-opening 65 IBU.

Airwaves IPA

First brewed March 2019. ABV 4% IBU 40

A wonderful lighter-style IPA for sessionable drinking in the Spring time.

On Tap Map

On Tap Map

You can also find our London Natural Lager in 473 ml cans at all London-area LCBOs as well as both London Natural Lager and Norfolk Red in 473 ml cans at select London Beer Stores (Adelaide, Oxford, Piccadilly, Richmond, Wellington, Wharncliffe, and Wonderland).